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Redefining Tenant Representation


At our core, we believe that every company deserves more than just a "broker" in the traditional space-finding sense of the word. Instead, our clients deserve a complete real estate team offering a full complement of services traditionally reserved for national and global portfolio accounts. We hold ourselves to the highest possible standard when it comes to customer service.   By always putting our clients’ interests first, our platform of fully integrated tenant-focused services creates the ability to identify real estate solutions that best fit our clients’ needs


Creating the right work environment involves more than just space finding. It's a process. Starting with a consultative planning process, including identifying goals and objectives, TTA will guide you to the most efficient configuration, while keeping to a strictly defined schedule and budget. 

Everything TTA does centers on the premise that a business should drive it's office space, not the other way around. Real estate is not a one size fits all business, so our dedicated Advisors take a unique approach to every assignment, customizing the process to best fit each client's individual needs. Our goal for all engagements is to assist with the development and implementation of a strategy that aligns the real estate plan with the business plan.


Control: Following the execution of a Lease, TTA performs a forensic analysis on your current lease to ensure that it has been administered properly, avoiding overcharges and compounding errors. While base rent is often the focus of the real estate process, the lease language pales in comparison to the length and detail of the operating expense and real estate tax provisions. Mistakes happen. We can prevent them from becoming impactful. 

Maintenance: Oversight is most critical at the beginning of a lease when the Landlord begins administering the expenses pass-throughs.  Despite lease language, Landlords often cluster expenses and distribute purely based on pro-rata share, missing updated base years, caps on controllable operating expenses, exclusions and gross up provisions.  This is where a tenant is exposed to the most risk; TTA's ongoing  maintenance program mitigates risk early, before it's too late.


Quarterback: Creating a new space from scratch or a renovation-in-place can be a daunting task filled with risk and uncertainty when completed incorrectly. TTA Project Management (PM) ensures that the entire process runs smoothly and results in a work environment that enhances your business, without straining your balance sheet. All steps in the process are from a place of education, eliminating any uncertainty and overbearing administrative tasks. Starting with goal definition, we follow through with precise implementation of the following:

Space Program Definition

Timeline & Budget Refinement

Design & Permit Procurement

Vendor Contract Bidding and Move Coordination


Untapped Value: Economic jurisdictional incentives are often overlooked, but can create enormous value to any growing organization. Economic incentive procurement has typically been exclusively reserved for the Fortune 500. 

Incentives from the various jurisdictions does not always require a relocation.  Let TTA devise a strategy that monetizes a historically under - utilized vehicle for real estate savings and value. 

Our team of proven experts work directly with state and county officials to uncover, negotiate, secure and monitor any incentives procured throughout the process.


A business is only as good as its people.  TTA was founded by senior commercial real estate advisors, project managers and forensic lease analysts, all of whom came from global real estate providers.  


The company was founded on two guiding principles: a) The conflicted model of representing both tenants and landlords in a transaction is unfair and misguided, always at the tenant's expense and b) the local and regional tenant market has historically been under-served by the global firms building services for global businesses.  


Each of the professionals below is dedicated to a high level of conflict free service. TTA invests time, capital and effort into providing a culture unlike any other.



4800 Montgomery Lane, 11th Floor

Bethesda, MD 20814

Tel: 301.754.6166

1101 30th Street, NW, Suite 100B

Washington, DC 20007

Tel: 202.684.3030

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